Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants (PAs) are medical professionals who work directly with physicians to provide quality medical care for their patients. This is a partnership with their employing physicians, and the scope of practice for PAs is dependent on that close working relationship with their physicians.  PAs are license to practice medicine under the supervision of physicians.  They undergo rigorous medical education in Physician Assistant programs of 2-3 years in duration (generally after a college degree is obtained) and are taught by physicians and other college professors in a medical school.  After graduation, they are certified by a National Certifying Exam, and in most states (including Colorado), must maintain this certification for their entire career.  Every two years 100 hours of continuing medical education must be earned, and every six years a PA must take another four-hour exam to indicate continued proficiency.PAs are licensed by and governed by the Board of Medical Examiners in Colorado.  In Colorado, as in most states, PA are, by law, given the authority to prescribe medication.

Colby Crawford, PA-C

Scott Hall, PA-C